Snow Leopard - Beyond the Myth (BBC)

A documentary about snow leopards. They only recently got the first one on camera, so this is very exciting. Truly beautiful, awesome animals. They follow a female with her son.


Inside Nature's Giants: The Great White Shark

Basically an autopsy of a great white, hands down my favourite predator. This is extremely interesting and they did not kill a great white in order to do this. Fascinating animal.


BBC Walking with Cavemen

For everyone who would like to know where we come from. It is split up into 4 parts. Highly watchable. 


BBC Life Series

I can only link you to the Wikipedia page, because it has a lot of episodes, but I'm sure, you can find it yourself. ;)

Briliant nature documentary. From narrative to footage and content, it is just awesome. 


BBC - Inside the Perfect Predator

Peregrin Falcon, Cheetah, Nile Crocodile and Great White Shark. Who's the best predator?


The Cove

"The Cove" is a 2009 documentary film that analyzes and questions Japan's dolphin hunting culture.